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We will pay once per month for every person you refer to us who completes registration for our 6-hour or 3-hour live notary class! To qualify, your account must generate a minimum of 5 people per month who complete registration for the class.

How does this work?

If you have a website,  we will provide to you a link that identifies your website when someone clicks the link that takes them to

Easy instructions to begin earning money for your website referrals:

1) Download and fill out the Partner Agreement form. Fax or email it to us to get started.

2) We generate a link to obtain your unique Partner number and send it to you. You will use this generated link for the image so that when so when someone clicks to our site from your link our system will automatically identify your site as the referring Partner.

3) Once every month, our accounts payable will run an affiliate report and send checks out based on the number of completed registrations for that Partner. If 10 people signed up as a result of your website referral, we will send a check for $50. If 100 people registered as a result of your website referral, we will send you a check for $500.00.


Download Partner Agreement form

More questions? Contact 800-873-9865 or send an email to and be sure to include PARTNER in your email description so it does not get automatically deleted.

Best wishes!

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