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Live Notary Classes
6-hr or 3-hr seminar & exam dates
Find a live notary seminar and same-day
exam in your area.
Notary Home Study Course
How much does it cost?
Here are the fees for the seminar,
the notary application and to take the same-day exam.
Become a Certified Loan Signer
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Free and immediate access to our online
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Live Notary Classes
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Notary Home Study Course
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Explore and learn about various notary procedures or new notary laws.
Become a Certified Loan Signer
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How can I become a Notary Public?
You can do EVERYTHING you need to do in just one day at our location.
Here are the steps to become a notary public in California.

  • Be at least 18 years old and a legal California resident;
  • Have a valid identification from any state or country (driver’s license, ID or passport);
  • Take a 6-hr state approved notary course for new notary applicants, or
  • Take a 3-hr or 6-hr approved notary course for recommissioning applicants* (6-hr starts at 9:00am, 3-hr starts at 1:00pm)
  • Pass the state notary examination with a score of at least 70% – 30 questions, multiple choice. (Exam proctors arrive at 4:15pm)
  • Pass a criminal background check – Fingerprinting via live scan required for all applicants. (Can be done in all of our classes for $80)
  • Submit a notary application and an approved photo (Taken in the class $10)
  • File and record an oath of office and a bond with the County Clerk’s office. (After your commission arrives which takes about 5-6 weeks. Bond only costs $38 – Do not purchase from anywhere until your commission arrives!


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Take the class & exam on the same day. Class at 9 am and exam proctors arrive at 4:15 pm

How can I become a Certified Loan Signing Notary Agent?

If you take our notary seminar, you can receive a discount of $50 towards the loan signing certification course during your notary class.  If you always wanted to start your own business and be on your own time schedule, becoming a mobile notary or loan signing agent may be a good choice for you.

Take your notary class and exam first. Then, on another day, take the loan signing certification course to begin your own mobile notary business. We never offer this course on the same day as your notary class and exam because we offer far too much information in our loan signing courses. Never accept less than a one-day loan siging course.  Do it right the first time! We have helped thousands of first-time notaries start their own mobile notary and loan signing business. Let us help you!

  • Take the loan signing course in our class location or…
  • Take the loan signing course at home by reading the book.
  • Take the loan signing certification exam at home.
  • The in-person course fee is discounted to $100 for our notary students if you register for this course during our notary seminar. This includes the cost for the exam which you take at home on your computer whenever you are ready.


How can I get HANDS-ON PRACTICE before notarizing for my first client?

Passing the notary exam is awesome, but what do you do on your first actual notary assignment? Consider taking our optional 3-hour Notary Signing Workshop class. Practice your skill and knowledge and get comfortable with many types of documents before you head off to your first client.

NO EXAMS in this class…just HANDS-ON PRACTICE with our instructor. All classes are 1:30pm-4:30pm. Only available currently in Anaheim and San Bernardino. Let us know if you would like to see these classes also held in your area. This class is just $75 and we limit participation in order to get more personalized attention with the instructor. We will put a notary seal in your hands and give you an actual notary journal and thumbprint pad to use for this class. This is as real as it gets. 

What will we do in this 3-hour optional Notary Workshop Practice class? 

  • Notarize some common documents included in a loan package.
  • Notarize out-of state Deeds and Power of Attorney documents.
  • Use an actual notary seal and learn when we need to modify documents that are not compliant with California.
  • Learn how to complete the notary process for documents being returned to another state.
  • Notarize affidavits on Certification of Translations for foriegn language documents.
  • Discuss the Apostille requirements for international documents.
  • Fill out an actual notary journal including thumbprints.
  • Use other class members as practice for Credible Witnesses for identification.
  • Practice Jurat oaths and more.


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How can I take the Notary Class at home?

If you would rather not attend a seminar but prefer to take your 3-hour or 6-hour class at home, you can do that, BUT, the Secretary of State does not permit the notary exam to be taken online.


Notary Home Study Course

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